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Video and Poster: United Nations Volunteer

Updated: Mar 27

Designed videos and posters to recruit high school and college volunteers.

Title: Multimedia Assets for United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Recruitment

Tool: Piktochart and Vyond

Time in Development: 3 hours

Developed for: United Nations

Audience: Thai high school and college students who are interested in finding volunteering and/or internship opportunities



In 2020, I was fortunate enough to still have all my needs met. I felt a strong urge to help other in a way that still keeps me safe in my own home (since the COVID-19 number in my area - San Francisco Bay - is one of the highest in the world).

I applied to be a volunteer for United Nations as an Educational Multimedia Developer and I was selected. I was given multiple assignments as a volunteer at UNV, however, this project is one of my proudest as it foster voluntarism among Thai students, give them opportunity to work with professionals from around the world, at the same time provide the United Nations much-needed volunteers to help further the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

My Role

In this project, I worked with a Data Management and Coordination Analyst to identify key messages and pinpoint the Call-to-Action that these media invoke. Then, I created the first poster and video outlines. After the UN's approval, I developed the final materials using Piktochart, as well as Vyond for animated videos.

Project Goals

  • Explain basic components of Thai cuisine.

  • Identify ingredients widely used in Thai dishes.


This project showed me that my marketing knowledge from my advertising years are still very useful in my new career path as an Instructional Designer. If you would like to see the video for high school students, head to Gallery page!

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