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Stephanie + Tommy's Wedding Newspaper

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

When one of my best friends and fellow bride-to-be, Stephanie, told me that she liked my wedding newspaper, I knew I had to make one for her.

Title: The Love Cats Newsletter

Tool: Canva

Size: Tabloid (289x380 mm)

Time in Development: 60 hours

Developed for: Friends' wedding

Audience: Friends and family of Stephanie and Tommy


Just months after my wedding, my friend Stephanie was getting married. I enjoyed making my newspaper immensely. Stephanie also expressed that she liked my newspaper. With her wedding having no traditional wedding party and me wanting to participate in her special day, I offered to make a newspaper for her and she accepted!


Similar to my newspaper's content, we still have:

Wedding design: Stephanie and Tommy are both artistic people. In this section, they described how they developed their wedding decor style from intangible concepts like passion, to the main orange-red of Summer Geraniums, to the final concept for their wedding.

Wedding dress: Stephanie's customized Di Petsa gown was phenomenal. I was glad that we had all the sketches and variations of the dress that Stephanie worked with Dimitra Petsa, the designer, to create this look.

Their trips: Guests followed the bride and groom to all the places they visited together and read about their adventures on those memorable trips.

Honeymoon: Their Southeast Asia honeymoon is iconic. My intention for this page was to make it shine like it deserves. I also made sure that Stephanie's family's love of locomotive travel is well-documented in the newspaper.

Parents' love stories: Preserving their parents' stories is one of the core components in this wedding design. To make this section even more special, Stephanie wrote here that she altered her mom's wedding dress and wore it to the welcome dinner the night before the wedding day.

Crossword: Well-chosen clues in crossword are great conversation starters for guests from different families. I think it's also a fun and memorable activity for the elderly and those who are not keen on dancing.

But it wouldn't be my project if I didn't customize everything I can for you. Stephanie and Tommy have a unique style and story. I thrive in working with different aesthetics that are true to the couples I serve. I love nothing more than telling your stories in a way that is ✨ just so you ✨.

So, for Stephanie and Tommy, I customize the following items for them:

Style and aesthetics: To emphasize the wedding design, we went with some of Stephanie's favorite styles that are still in congruence with one another. The front page was classic newspaper with Gothic flare. Then, an Art Deco style was used in the first spread as their wedding rings were inspired by the 1920's fashion. As the content become more about their travel plans, Stephanie shared about why train travel is important to her. This content inspired me to use Victorian era graphic. Then, we turned to content about their parents, houses, and trucks. I went with colorful Mid Century modern style since I think it's a nice touch for when their parents were born, when their trucks were built, and the interior decoration of their houses. I had fun playing with different styles.

Wedding announcement: An old-school wedding announcement was perfect for their aesthetics and choice of paper. We chose a tabloid size so, a newspaper announcement is a classic way to draw guests to start reading our paper.

Wedding rings design: Stephanie and Tommy designed their own rings and they are so magnificent. We showed the ring drafts here and how it came to be.

Groom's outfit design: Tommy served looks! He was meticulous in planning his outfit. From the tux to the boots, every detail was so well-thought-out, so we think we have to talk about it.

Family history tidbits: Stephanie gave me a few tidbits about her family history like how her whole family was involved in the railroad industry and how her grandparents used to make famous homemade vanilla ice cream and pineapple upside down cake. It was adorable, so we sprinkled them into a few corners.

Love story from each others' views: This is my favorite part of the newspaper. On the wedding day, both the bride and groom are probably going to be busy with million little things that they do not have time to talk too much about their love stories. So, I think it is nice for the guests to be able to read about their love in their carefully-crafted words.

Their homes, trucks, and pets: Have a peek into their day-to-day life as a couple. It's like we get to visit their home, pet their fur babies, and ride in their trucks with them.


If you'd like to download the PDF version of Stephanie and Tommy's newspaper, you can do it here.

Photo The Fladebos | Printing Newspaper Club | Location The Whim


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