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Curriculum Design: LinkedIn's E-Learning Courses

Created (from scratch) multiple on-demand LinkedIn Learning Admin Foundation learning paths for corporate clients.

Tool: Articulate Rise and Microsoft Word

Time in Development: 3 weeks

Developed for: LinkedIn

Audience: HR professionals who manage their organization's LinkedIn Learning portal



In early months of 2022, LinkedIn wanted to drive engagement for our LinkedIn Learning clients. As a result, I was tasked with creating a training for LinkedIn Learning Administrators. The Admins are people who manages LinkedIn Learning portal in our clients' companies in the most effective way in a tight timeline.

Project Goals

  • Learners are able to describe what LinkedIn Learning is.

  • Learners are able to describe benefits LinkedIn Learning has to offer to their organization.

  • Learners are able to describe what they can expect in their role as a LinkedIn Learning administrator.

My Role

I conducted research on the product and engaged with subject matter experts to identify the essential knowledge required for learners to effectively complete their tasks. After synthesizing this information, I devised a curriculum design, which I then refined in collaboration with the Senior Instructional Designer to ensure alignment with our budget and timeline constraints. Together, we created the content using Articulate Rise and Microsoft Word.

Here are some examples of the content I created:

An example of how LinkedIn Learning has worked for other organizations

A detailed scenario illustrating the approach a learner in our target audience would take to successfully complete a task.

A step-by-step job aid embedded within a scenario to guide learners through navigating the LinkedIn Learning interface in real-world applications.

Next Steps

When I was with LinkedIn, the next phase of the project was to develop an assessment program that would award certificates to learners upon successful completion of our course. Although I have since moved on from LinkedIn, I last heard this course was a hit!


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