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Instructional Designer at LinkedIn via Cypress HCM

Supporting LinkedIn's Customer Success team with courses that boost clients' productivity and efficiency.

  • Design, develop, evaluate, and maintain world-class learning curriculum for Talent Solutions customers to support successful usage and adoption of our product suite. The courses are translated into more than 10 languages.

  • Partner and build meaningful relationships with key stakeholders and subject matter experts within our Talent Solutions business to uncover business and learning needs.

  • Determine the right modalities for delivering learning content, including self-paced online courses, virtual instructor-led courses, and blended learning solutions.


  • Articulate Rise

  • Articulate Storyline

  • Adobe Captivate

  • Vyond

  • Canvas LMS

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Piktochart and Canva

  • iMovie

  • Screencastify, Screencast-O-Matic, Snaggit, Camtasia

  • MS Suite

  • Google Suite

  • Metrics That Matter

  • QuestionMark

  • Familiar with Java and XML programming languages


The Mosaic Company

Instructional Design Consultant 

Boutique consulting firm helping PG&E with workforce performance improvement.

  • Partnered with clients to create customized learning solutions. Resulted in higher productivity and fewer injuries. The course also received increased evaluation from 2.60 to 4.83 within two months.

  • Redesigned Instructor-Led Trainings (ILTs) by working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Increased participants' performance according to skill assessment and survey feedback.

  • Developed interactive Web-based Trainings (WBTs), complete with a knowledge assessment, using Articulate Storyline and Vyond.

  • Designed an online learning portal on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to maximize participants’ performance with just-in-time learning and social learning theory.


United Nations Volunteer

Educational Multimedia Developer

The UN's program promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide.

Check out my work here

  • Researched and developed infographics on Thai governance and local development issues.

  • Designed multimedia assets to recruit high school and college volunteers.

GSUSA Logo.png

Girl Scouts of the USA

User Experience (UX) Research Intern 

​Check out my work here

  • Identified areas for improvement through focus groups, usability tests, surveys, and data analysis. Improved an online toolkit for adult volunteers to speed up their onboarding and adoption of Girl Scouts’ culture.

  • Partnered with product team, marketing team, UX team, and field councils to identify the most effective scalable learning solutions.

  • Designed innovative training materials for blended learning with non-technical adults as target audience.

Leading global social enterprise that believes in female leadership in 150 countries around the world.

Our presentation on UX research findings was well-received and impactful


Harmony Plus

Instructional Designer Intern 

​Check out my work here

  • Designed, reviewed, and tested new e-learning courses. All students achieved improved higher Effective Reading Rate (ERR), with 222% average improvement. 

  • Developed an in-person academic training for middle school students in partnership with UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and SRI International. The course enjoyed high satisfactory rate in learning experience and outcome from summer students and parents.

  • Independently defined content delivery, accompanying materials, and complementary learning approaches and delivered the content in instructor-led setting.

IMG_3296 (1).jpg
IMGL9482 (1).jpg

I was a Teaching Assistant on IDEAL Summer Program

Educational Technology startup coaching international students to attend American universities.

American Museum of Natural History

Educational Program Evaluation Intern 

One of the largest museums in the world offering after-school courses and educational events.

  • Developed evaluation for 3 STEM courses for high school students through qualitative research and led a team of two to carry out the assessment. The recommendation demonstrably improved students’ learning experience and outcome, as well as retention rate in advanced STEM courses.

  • Worked with Subject Matter Experts in highly technical fields to improve course delivery.

360-video night

After school Conservation Biology program

My personal favorite spot in the Museum

Want to know more what I did at the Museum?  I wrote a blog post about it on Mooshme

(A blog on digital media and museum learning that my supervisor, Barry Joseph, created) 

Teachers College, Columbia University

Research Assistant

​Paper’s tentative title: Ethical Design For Whom? Amplifying Underrepresented Youth Voices for Equitable Digital Technology Design​

  • Collected literature on values embedded in social media design and its effects as worse usability among users who belong in minority groups. With intense focus, I immersed myself in learning academic databases from scratch and delivered a successful collection of relevant literature from 41 sources for principal investigators in less time than expected.


Business Development Officer

Full-service education consulting company believing in long-term development of a student's potential. 

  • Spearheaded a collaboration effort with businesses with similar target groups, explored opportunities, laid out strategic partnering plans, contacted potential partners, pitched, and closed deals. Resulted in 4 partnerships with two national banks, one public company, and one government organization.

  • Developed marketing materials and informative presentations to an audience of 250+ every 3 months. More than 80% of participants registered for classes.

  • Identified unmet need in Thai education market, proposed and developed a new class with a team of instructors. Resulting in an unprecedented class in Thailand focusing on cultivating critical thinking to improve students’ analytical skills for middle- to high-school students.

0 (3).png


Research Project Manager 

A global measurement and data analytics company that provides market research, insights, and data.

  • Managed teams of 8-25 to finish each research project, analyzed data, and wrote reports and presentations to deliver consumer insights under tight timeline and budget; resulting in 100% client satisfactory rate.



and more...


Professor Literat

Teachers College

"You should be very proud of yourself, because you made an important and original contribution to the existing knowledge in this area."

"Pim was a phenomenal colleague. She was hard- working, thorough, and a great team-player."

"I have seen Pim’s contributions to our company first-hand and know that it will be difficult to replace such a rigorous and detail-oriented team member. "

Barry Joseph


Ioana Ghimus

Harmony Plus


Teachers College, Columbia University

M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media

Projects I'm proud of:


Stanford University

Summer Institute of General Management (SIGM)

A full-time pre-MBA program in business management fundamentals.

Final project: Analyzed Uber's competitive advantages and obstacles.

SIGM 2014.jpg

Chulalongkorn University

B.A. in Advertising, Minor in Psychology

Summa Cum Laude

Fun Fact

I scored the third highest score in Thailand's National University Entrance Examination in 2010. It's an exam where every Thai student has to take. And, yep, the person in picture on the left is my full-on emo mode...on the front page of the country's most popular newspaper...


HEA Logo_blog.jpg

Harvard Effective Altruism

Educational and Marketing Material Designer

​See my portfolio here and my blog post on related work

  • Develop training manuals and performance support tools for fundraising purposes, resulting in 350% growth in donations, highest number in history, became #1 chapter. The materials were also widely used nationally.

  • Wrote, maintained, updated learning content, and ensure user engagement.



Winner of Viral Video Production Competition

​FrieslandCampina, the world’s top 5 dairy companies, held a year-long viral media competition. Each month, the company gave out a brief for each team to produce a viral video. At the end of the year, the team with highest likes became the winner. 

  • Produced a viral clip targeted to Thai teenagers every month for a period of 6 months in which one of the clips yielded 100,000 views overnight

Here are some of our productions


Brief: Building Routine

Technique: Stop motion

Insight: Showing consumers that milk

can be consumed in many situations.


Brief: What Men Want

Technique: Video collage

Insight: Teenage men tend to follow trends that teenage girls consider cool.


Brief: Spreading The Goodness

Technique: Stop motion

Insight: Building community

through common interests.


All news reporting about our accomplishment are in Thai.

So, if you are interested and know how to read Thai,

here's a link to one of our news stories.

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