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Hello! I'm Pim, an instructional Designer. 

I'm in the business of taking complex content and turning it into engaging, understandable learning materials. As an Instructional Designer with roots in Business Development, I've seen firsthand how the right training can untangle many of the challenges companies face.

In 2017, I decided to pivot from Business Development to Instructional Design. Since then, I've partnered with everyone from fresh startups, to seasoned nonprofits, to large tech companies. Together, we identify their unique needs, set clear goals, and craft learning materials that truly resonate with learners.

I believe my trainings speak for itself. I flipped a class from 2.6 rating to 4.8 in a matter of weeks and built e-learnings with Excellent ratings. Let me help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

When I'm off the clock, there’s a good chance I'm sipping a matcha latte 🍵. Or maybe out on a stroll, crafting digital art, or designing a fun wedding newspaper for some friends.

Interested in joining forces for your next learning project? Let’s chat!

Want to learn more?

Whether you need a quick explainer, or look to revamp your whole onboarding program, or even build a new learning program from scratch, I've got you covered.

I can even make you
a personal newspaper, it's not really a part of my instructional design job but I do enjoy it :)


Want to see all my projects? The portfolio tab has you covered!

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I designed education
and marketing materials for
One For The World Columbia.


I designed education
and marketing materials for
One For The World Columbia.


I researched and redesigned
an adult online learning platform
for a leading nonprofit focusing on female youth empowerment.

Let's work together

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