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Job Aid: LinkedIn's PDF Tip Sheets

Offering easy-to-use PDF tip sheets to both corporate and individual LinkedIn clients across all product lines.

Title: LinkedIn's PDF Tip Sheets

Tool: Microsoft Word and SnagIt

Time in Development: 1 week/tip sheet

Developed for: LinkedIn

Audience: Individual LinkedIn users and HR professionals who manage their organization's LinkedIn products



To maximize the benefits of LinkedIn's advanced features, users need to know the full range of functionalities each LinkedIn product offers and how to use them effectively—not just where to click, but also the best ways to use the platforms to their advantage.

To help our clients master these features, I was put in charge of creating tip sheets for various LinkedIn products. In this post, I’m excited to showcase some of the tip sheets I'm most proud of.

My Role

As an Instructional Designer at LinkedIn, part of my job was to dive deep into our products. I often had the chance to chat with subject matter experts (SMEs) about what our clients find tricky and their preferences, and to dig up some cool tips that aren’t obvious at first glance. This helped me create resources that are not only helpful but also directly address our users' needs.


Tip Sheet #1: Add Your Organization’s Branding to LinkedIn Learning

Problem: LinkedIn Learning administrators, often busy HR professionals, need to quickly master the platform's features. They face the dual challenge of launching their organization's LinkedIn Learning while juggling other responsibilities and adapting to a new platform.

Solution: This concise, straightforward tip sheet provides a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate your organization's branding into the LinkedIn Learning platform. It includes clear instructions and accompanying images showing exactly where to click.

Download the tip sheet:

Download PDF • 189KB


Tip Sheet #2: Add Users to LinkedIn Learning

Problem: Adding users to the LinkedIn Learning platform can be complex. Unlike simple branding tasks, this process involves multiple methods and requires adherence to best practices and troubleshooting tips. Our customers often struggle with understanding which method suits their needs and how to handle potential issues effectively.

Solution: This tip sheet includes two step-by-step guides on how to add users— individually and in bulk. It integrates best practices throughout, providing timely tips that are most relevant to our customers as they navigate the guides. For added convenience, all troubleshooting tips are consolidated at the end of the document, allowing those who need them to find help in one central location.

Download the tip sheet:

Download PDF • 614KB


Tip Sheet #3: LinkedIn Learning Administrative Roles

Problem: With multiple administrative roles available on LinkedIn Learning, customers often find themselves confused about the distinctions and functionalities of each role. Additionally, as HR professionals, they face the challenge of selecting suitable individuals within their organization to fill these roles, but may not be clear on the criteria for these decisions.

Solution: This tip sheet stands apart from previous ones by offering a comprehensive overview of the various administrative roles within LinkedIn Learning and detailing the responsibilities associated with each. Rather than focusing on step-by-step instructions, it provides guidance on the qualifications and traits that are ideal for candidates being considered for these roles, aiding our customers in making well-informed choices.

Download the tip sheet:

Download PDF • 451KB


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