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Curriculum Design: Local Recommended

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

An online curriculum designed specifically for online adult learning to help tourists enjoy Thailand in a more local-approved way.

Project Title: Local Recomended

Tools used in Development: Piktochart

Time in Development: 16 hours

Developed for: ORLD 5063 Online Teaching & Learning: Adult Learning Practicum

Thailand has become more and more popular as a tourist destination in the fast decade. The country changed dramatically throughout that period as well, however, I still see tourists going to the same places and doing the same things as a tourist would have done 10 years ago. More importantly, none of these things would be something Thai people do, whether it was 10 years ago or now.

Curriculum Design

Tourist don't want to spend their precious time looking at screens while they have a whole new country to explore.

The situation that my audience is in is on top of my list, in terms of things to consider when designing this curriculum. So, this curriculum is designed to be:

  • Online

  • For adult learners

  • Complete in short time 2-3 hours

  • Fun and engaging

Material featured

Most of the materials featured in this course already exist on the internet but this course will help gather and verify accurate and up-to-date sources for tourist. The learners are encouraged to unpack the myths they had in mind and can also ask questions they have at the end of each module.


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