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Articulate Storyline: Online Course on Thai Cuisine

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Designed an online course on Thai Cuisine using Articulate Storyline and Vyond.

Title: Online Course on Thai Cuisine

Tool: Articulate Storyline

Time in Development: 8 hours

Developed for: Fun

Audience: Non-Thai viewers with an interest in Thai cuisine



As a Thai person, I naturally have a lifelong love affair with Thai food. As a result, this online crash course is created to help fellow Thai food lovers who are not Thais understand Thai cuisine better.

This course is designed to be short and fun. I utilize rich media such as animation video and interactive elements to engage viewers.

My Role

In this project, I am both the Subject Matter Expert and Instructional Designer, which means I started this project by identifying course objectives. Then, I drafted course outline, then, developed the final course using Articulate Storyline, as well as Vyond for animated parts.

The graphic designer in me would not let me finish this course without a proper color palette, so here is the main color palette that I used throughout the course.

Color palette for Online Course on Thai Cuisine


Project Goals

  • Explain basic components of Thai cuisine.

  • Identify ingredients widely used in Thai dishes.

Screenshots from the course



This project showed me that with enough drive, I can finish a project at lightning speed. I also learned that internet forums for Instructional Designers are extremely helpful in solving specific issues.

If you would like to view the live online course, please contact me directly at


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