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Animation Video: Vyond Videos

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Created easy-to-consume resume videos using Vyond application in 1 hour.

Title: Instructional Designer Resume Video

Tool: Vyond

Time in Development: 1 hour

Developed for: Fun

Audience: Prospect Employers



Recently, I learned how to use Vyond to create animated videos and I fell in love with the application. So, in my free time, I decided to animate my resume. I had so much fun that I made one for my partner, Cullen O'Keefe, as well!

You can see Cullen's video here:

My Role

I created storyboard, animated, and wrote scripts for these video both were done within an hour from start to finish. I had so much fun!



If I have this much fun doing what I do, I'm in the right profession and I am so grateful for that :-)


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