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Poster Design: Harvard Effective Altruism

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I created posters for Harvard Law School Effective Altruism to gain more presence and engagement on campus.

Title: Posters for Harvard Law School Effective Altruism's Mass Meeting

Tool: Piktochart

Time in Development: 4 hours

Developed for: Harvard Effective Altruism

Collaborators: Cullyn O'Keefe


Secret Sauce to Success: Creating Relevant Content

Creating educational and marketing materials is tricky. Not only do you have to design that captivate your audience's attention, but you also have to create content that is relevant to them and their situation. For example, the posters above was designed to be printed and put on a display in a hallway of Harvard Law School, so they must be eye-catching and has as little text as possible (because people will be walking pass the posters). The heading is also designed to be relevant to the audiences' (law students) situation as well. We designed the headline to appeal to people who would be interested in EA principles. There is also a way for them to connect and learn more at the bottom of the poster. The last poster on the right was designed to be the hook of this series and will act as an invitation for people who are interested to come to mass meeting.

This is only one of many designs I made for EA groups around the US. I am an EA enthusiast so, if you are an EA organization, please let me know if there is anything I can help and let's work together!


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